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천선과나무(Erecta Fig)

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Form : a decideous and broad-leaved bush

Characteristic : Leaves are out of line and oval. Edge of the leaves are smooth. There are no hairs on the both sides but there are some leaves with little hairs on the surface. Fruits get ripe at September to October and it can be eaten when it becomes brown black.

Where you can see in Dongbaekdongsan : It can be seen near the edge of the forest.

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Sericeous Newlitse (참식나무)

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Form : evergreen broad leaved shrub

Characteristic : Leaves are dislocated , thick, long and oval shaped .  The edges are smooth and under the leaves are white. Brown hairs grow and the fruits are round shaped. Stems grows straight and the surface of the tree is dark-gray. Small branches are green and the hairs decrease as they grow.

Where you can see at Dongbaekdongsan : It can be observed near edge of the forest.
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Dorcus titanus castanicolor 넓적사슴벌레

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Form : The length of female is 20~33mm and male is 20~53mm. It is wide and is black. The jaws are really big and each sides are almost parallel.

Characteristic : It hides under the surface of trees during days and becomes active at night

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이삭사초(Carex dimorpholepis Steud. 사초과)

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Form : Perennial herbage

Characteristics : Height is 50~60cm high. Stems grow up together and they are strong. Leaves on the root don’t have a  sheath and the leaves on the stems are flat. Width is of it is 5~7mm and flowers bloom May to June.  Scale pieces of he female flowers are oval shaped and have a brown line. Stigma comes out in 2 branches and fruits are achene.

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뽕나무버섯부치(Ringlesshoney mushroom)

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Edibility : edible

Time and place of occurrence : generated in summer ~ autumn on the old or dead tree.

Features : The diameter of cap which is golden or light brown is 4~10cm. When they were young, their shape was half of hemisphere. But they become flat while they are growing. The color of mushroom skin is white or brown at first, but it change to brown color with spots. The surface of the stem’s upper side and bottom have vertical lines. The spore is oval and its color is white or light brown. It is formed in the lumber and it’s known to disassemble the lumber.

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부채메꽃버섯(Microporus flabelliformis)

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Edibility : Inedible

Time and place of occurrence  : throughout the year on the old tree or branch of broadleaf tree

Feature : The diameter of cap is 2~5cm and the thickness of mushroom stem is 1~3mm. The shape of the fruit body is fan shape or semicircle shape. The fruit body is hard and has white color. The surface is ring-shaped and has various colors. The stem of the mushroom is columnar soil structure and dark brown.


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콩짜개덩굴 Lemmaphyllum microphyllum presl

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Characteristic : The rhizome is thin and long and crawls to the side with sparse leaves. The scale is brown and membranous. The base is circular but it gets narrow in the upper side.  It is simple leaf. The trophophyll is circular or oval, the tip is round and dull on the edge and spreads to the both side of the rhizome. Petiole has round tip and narrow bottom. Midrib is embossed and has sori on the both side. It usually grows near the beach and on the rock or old tree.

Where can you see this plant in Dongbaekdongsan?

In the forest on the tree skin where they don’t get much sunlight.

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Chinese Jasmine(마삭줄) Trachelospermum asiaticum var.intermedium Makai 협죽도과

by on Aug.15, 2012, under trees

Form : Evergreen broad-leaved tendril (vine) shrub

Characteristic :Leaves face each other and they are oval. The surface of it is dark green and the edge is simple.  Fruits ripe ins September and flowers bloom in May~June. The flowers change their color from white to brown. Branches are dark brown and have no hair. Roots come out from its stem  and stick to other things. It grows in all over the Korea.

Where you can see this species at Dongbaekdongsan :It can be seen inside and the edge of the ‘Dongbaekdongsan’ forest. Especially we can see their flowers at May around ‘Meonmulkkak’.

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자금우 (Marberry) Ardisia japonica Blume

by on Aug.15, 2012, under trees

Form : Evergreen broad-leaved small shrub

Characteristic : Leaves are oval or egg-shaped, dark green and shiny. The costa on the back of the leaf is reddish purple. The fruit looks like a pressed ball or rugby ball and grows mature and become red in September and it’s still there when they bloom flowers the next year. The flower is hermaphrodite and blooms in June. The stem crawls to the side as it grow and it has glandular hair only on the tip of the young branch. Its origin country is Korea and also grows in Japan, China, and Taiwan.

Where in Dongbaekdongsan can you see this plant?

: It’s easily seen near the trail, edge and inside of the forest, and also near the swamp.

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Symplocos coreana(H.Lev.)Ohwi(섬노린재나무)

by on Aug.08, 2012, under trees

Form: a decideous and broad-leaved bush

Characteristics: Leaves are out of line. The leaves are long, wide and egg-shaped. The bottom of the leaves are broad and wedge-shaped. They have sawteeth on the edges. On the back, there are hairs on the veins. Fruits are egg-shaped and grow ripe in September, changing its color from navy-blue to dark brown. White flowers blossom around May and June. Branches are brown and small branches don’t have hair. Skin of trees fall in light pieces. These trees grow in Jeju and are also distributed in Japan.

Where you can see this species at Dongbaekdongsan : In Dongbaekdongsan, they can be observed around the entrance which gets a lot of sunlight. They can be also be seen at the ‘Meonmulkkak’ area.

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