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콩짜개덩굴 Lemmaphyllum microphyllum presl

by on Aug.15, 2012, under trees

Characteristic : The rhizome is thin and long and crawls to the side with sparse leaves. The scale is brown and membranous. The base is circular but it gets narrow in the upper side.  It is simple leaf. The trophophyll is circular or oval, the tip is round and dull on the edge and spreads to the both side of the rhizome. Petiole has round tip and narrow bottom. Midrib is embossed and has sori on the both side. It usually grows near the beach and on the rock or old tree.

Where can you see this plant in Dongbaekdongsan?

In the forest on the tree skin where they don’t get much sunlight.

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자금우 (Marberry) Ardisia japonica Blume

by on Aug.15, 2012, under trees

Form : Evergreen broad-leaved small shrub

Characteristic : Leaves are oval or egg-shaped, dark green and shiny. The costa on the back of the leaf is reddish purple. The fruit looks like a pressed ball or rugby ball and grows mature and become red in September and it’s still there when they bloom flowers the next year. The flower is hermaphrodite and blooms in June. The stem crawls to the side as it grow and it has glandular hair only on the tip of the young branch. Its origin country is Korea and also grows in Japan, China, and Taiwan.

Where in Dongbaekdongsan can you see this plant?

: It’s easily seen near the trail, edge and inside of the forest, and also near the swamp.

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