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Phaneroptera nigroantennata Brunner 검은다리실베짱이

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 Form: The body color is dark green and there are black spots on the back. The back side of the stomach is light blue. The ovipositor is green and the egde is light brown.

Other characters: They only live in mountains. They fly between tall plants. They are diurnal. In Southern part of the Korea, you can see one or two generation of them a year and in counterpart, you can see only one generation a year.

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Ducetia japonica (Thunberg) 줄베짱이

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 Form: The length of the body is 15~20mm and their body is big. The head and compound eyes are protruded. The whole color is light green  and there is a brown stripe on the head and the back of the chest.

Other characters: You can see them easily in the hill or grassland and on the leaves of the shrub at night. They are herbivorous. They live in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, India and Austrailia.

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Brachinus stenoderus Redtenbacher 노란실잠자리

by on Dec.18, 2010, under insects

Form: The length of the stomach is 22~35mm and that of the wing is about 15~22mm. The imago’s body color is very similar to that of  larva.  The female’s back is green and belly is yellow. The legs are short and all yellow.

Other characters: They go through winter in the egg. The larva inhabit reservoir of the flatland or a riverbank. They emerged in upright position not bottom up. They live in Korea, Japan and China.

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Cercion hieroglyphicum (Brauer) 등줄실잠자리

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Form: The imago is 23~26mm long in stomach and about 15~18mm long in  wings. The male’s color is light blue and they have two black stripes on  their front chest. The stomach is wholly black, but given a detail, side is  light blue. The female’s front chest is light green and they have a black  stripe on their side, but that line is not clear. The stomach is black and  side is light green.

 Other characters: The larva inhabit ponds that have a lot of waterplants in it. Imago appear  from May to September. They live in Korea, Japan and China. In  Dongbaekdongsan(Gotzawal in Jeju), you can see them at the wetland  “Meonmulkak”‘s surface. Damselflies including this dragonfly tend to hunt  near water, so as soon as you arrive in Meonmulkak, you can see them  immediately.

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Parnara guttata (Bremer et Grey) 줄점팔랑나비

by on Oct.24, 2010, under insects

 The length of the wing to the wing is 34-40mm. The color of wing surface is dark brown. There are dot patterns(7~8 units) in a front wings, and there are dot patterns(4 units) side by side in a back wings.

Dot patterns of female are larger than that of male.

It prepares for winter in state of larva. They live in Korea, Japan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Taiwan, India, Indochina, China, Himalaya(s), Amur etc.

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Cletus punctiger (Dallas) 시골가시허리노린재

by on Oct.24, 2010, under insects


The length of body is 11-12mm. Its belly and legs are little brown.

There are small dot patterns  in a row across at chest and belly.

An imago apprears from May to October. They live in Korea, Japan and China. 

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Riptortus clavatus 톱다리개미허리노린재

by on Sep.13, 2010, under insects

Form : The body length is 14~17mm. The body shape of the color is  dark brown that can be easily change. The head width is wide and the compound eye is reddish brown color. The stammerer will be thin long, is a brown but the lower part side 3 joints respectively the end part is black. Also the 4th joint to be longest the base is light color. The waist which is a center region of the body is thin.  It also has a big yellow pattern and black belt on the back part of the stomach, can be seen while it flew.

Other characters : There is a possibility of seeing frequently from above the weed of the  field. The imago can be misunderstandwith the bee. Larva is similar to the ants. Imago appears from May tuntil October. The imago joins in and with the larva inhale the juices from the bean plants

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Harmonia axyridis 무당벌레

by on Aug.21, 2010, under insects

Form: The length of the body is 5~8mm. The back pattern is difficult to explain because it changes frequently. For normal Harmonia axyridis , the color of the pattern is orange or scarlet. The sides of the front chest is round and white while the center is black.  

Other characters: Harmonia axyridis is natural enemy to aphids. So they are called “living agricultural pesticides”. The female lay eggs on the aphids. In 2~3 weeks, the larva becomes the imago. During Autumn, imagos gather in the decided place. Then they get through winter in group. Harmonia axyridis lives in Korea, China, Siberia and so on.

Where you can see them at “DongBaek” park: the grass.

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Laccotrephes japonensis Scott 장구애비

by on Aug.21, 2010, under insects

Form :  The body lenghth is about 40~45mm. The body length is  3 time width, the body color is the grayish brown or dark brown. The body shape  is  ellipse and its  front  paranotal lobe is wider than a width of the head. The feelers are very small and they are in 3 joint, but they are hide under the compound eyes , is not visible from above. To the thigh there is projection with a prinkle shape. To end of the stomach there is an air distance of the thinly long cylinder shape body length and is similar.  There are named water scorpion because dabble above the water seems  simillar to the shpae of playing janggu during  singing.

Other characters :  They prefer clear water than the bilge with the leaves or branches under that. When breathing, it comes up nearly to the surface of the water and they puts out the respiratory organ.  In the daytime, they hide under the  water plant or the leaves under the water and at night they seeks the food and they catches  the water bettles  or the small fishs and suck their  body fluids with the front legs which are look like sickle. They lay eggs in the scale moss.  In the country, they live in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, India and the island of java

Where you can see them at DongBaek Park :

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Agapanthia pilicornis 남색초원하늘소

by on Aug.21, 2010, under insects

Form: The length of the body is 11~17mm. The body is blue navy and gloss. There are lots of black long hairs on the back. The feelers are very long. The third~fifth joint is almost red and the other joints are light gray (only bottom).  

Other characters: The imago appears May ~ July. You can see this insects on the chrysanthemum including “Daisy Fleabane”. They eat the stem or leaves of them. Agapanthia pilicornis lives in Korea, China, Siberia and so on.

Where you can see them at “DongBaek” park: near the boardwalk

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