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Camphor Tree (Cinnamomum camphora (L.)J.Presl) 녹나무

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Form: Indeciduous broadleaf tall tree

Characteristic: Leaves are growing in alternation, Quality is shallow leather. If they are cut, they will give off aromatic. They are egg shaped or egg-oval shaped. Length is 6~10cm, width is 3~6cm, They has shaped folium, leaf’s both sides don’t have down. in edge, waved and saw-toothed. The reverse side is gray green. Young leaves are red, has 3 of vivid vein, usually they have 2 vesicle in their junction part. Bear fruits are a berry, and round, diameter is 8~9mm. In October to November they ripe black purple. Blooms are bisexual flower, They open in may, Become white to yellow, They are hanged on a panicle of new branch’s axilla, Size is small-diameter is 4.5mm. Small branches are yellowish green, gloss, have skin bud, no down. Bark is dark brown, be dug of vertical line. they have Taproot and lateral root. The home is Korea, Japan and China.

Where you can see this species at Dongbaekdongsan: They are found as one shrub at near walk of Eden Retreat Centerto ‘Meonmulkkak’ swampy land

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