Jeju Gotjawal

Gerris elongatus 왕소금쟁이

by on Aug.21, 2010, under insects

Form :  The body length of  a male is 19~26mm and females are 21~26mm. The body color is black or the brown. They are the biggest  water strider  in Korea. The body is covered with soft white far and for the adult, it changes to isabella gradually. The crown of the head’s v shape,  the center of the  front chest ‘s  vertical stripe in front pieces and the outer margin of the back pieces are light brown. The back edges in head, front chest,  end of the stomach joint are colored yellow. The lower part of the bodys are black and covered with thin and  gray color. Feeler of the males are 1/2 of the body length and the females are shorter than that. The first joints are the longest of the all and the third  joints are shortest of the all. The mouth end goes over the lower part joint of the front leg.  the lower part of the front wing are dark color,  wing of pulse are black. The lower part of the legs are light black. The legs are thin and long.

Other characters :  they suck  food walking above the water.

Where you can see them at “DongBaek” park:

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