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Mandarine Duck (Aix galericulata)원앙

by on Jul.28, 2010, under birds

Characteristics : The whole body length is about 45cm. Male has white eyebrow lines. After breeding season its feather is similar to that of female, but because  male’s beak is red, it can be distinguished with female.Female is entirely dark gray and has white dots on the belly. Its thready eyebrow is white and the beak is black.

Ecology : It which is gorgeous nest in a hole on a tree in a valley of a broad-leaved forest. It breeds in an artificial bird box and sits on a tree frequently. In winter, flock of them live together. It which passes the winter in the Camellia Hill usually eats an acorn of Ring-cupped Oak.

Where you can see this species at Dongbaekdongsan  : In Jeju, it comes as a winter migratory bird, and passes the winter at a river and a valley. During the period of passing the winter, we can see it, it’s excrement and feather near a pond of the Camellia Hill.

※  natural monument No. 327


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