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Laccotrephes japonensis Scott 장구애비

by on Aug.21, 2010, under insects

Form :  The body lenghth is about 40~45mm. The body length is  3 time width, the body color is the grayish brown or dark brown. The body shape  is  ellipse and its  front  paranotal lobe is wider than a width of the head. The feelers are very small and they are in 3 joint, but they are hide under the compound eyes , is not visible from above. To the thigh there is projection with a prinkle shape. To end of the stomach there is an air distance of the thinly long cylinder shape body length and is similar.  There are named water scorpion because dabble above the water seems  simillar to the shpae of playing janggu during  singing.

Other characters :  They prefer clear water than the bilge with the leaves or branches under that. When breathing, it comes up nearly to the surface of the water and they puts out the respiratory organ.  In the daytime, they hide under the  water plant or the leaves under the water and at night they seeks the food and they catches  the water bettles  or the small fishs and suck their  body fluids with the front legs which are look like sickle. They lay eggs in the scale moss.  In the country, they live in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, India and the island of java

Where you can see them at DongBaek Park :

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