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Japanese Angelica( Aralia elata Seem.) 두릅나무

by on Aug.22, 2010, under trees

Form :  an deciduous and broad-leaved bush

Characteristics: The leaves dovetailed each other, hang on the branches in all directions.  They are 5~12 centimeters long and 2~7cm wide.  The color of the surface is darkgreen and that of the backside is gray. The short hairs grow in pile on the stem that have spread vein of a leaf. The sawteeth in various size are attached on the edge of the leaves. The fruits are rounded, 3-millimeter-sized in diameter and has white color. You can see the very sharp splinters on the entire tree. This plant is 3~4 meters high. Aralia Elata is the native of Korea. In Korea, it grows in a mountain or field, full of crags. It grows wild in some countries such as Japan, China and Russia.

Where can find it at Dongbaekdongsan?

You can find them on the border of the forest or a stroll path that is given lots of sunlight.

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