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Akebia quinata Decne.(Five-leaf Akebia) 으름덩굴

by on Dec.18, 2010, under trees

Form : Deciduous broad-leaved tendril (vine) shrub
Characteristic :

The leaf sprout crossed in new branch and all sprout at once in old branch with palm shaped and overlapped. It sprouts with gathered 5~6, and the length is 3~6cm. It has no hair. Its shape is oval or egg-shaped with plain edge. The fruit is length 6~10cm, long oval in shape. It is ripen in October , turned into purplish brown. The peel of this fruit is thick and edible. This monoecism flowers blossom in April to May. The length of vine is about 5m , and the branch ,which colored brown, has no hair. The long and fat root spreads nearby the earth’s surface. Its native habitat is Korea. It reseeds in the fields and mountains altitude 50~1,300m in the south of Hwang-Hae Do. It also grows in Japan and China
Where you can see this species at Dongbaekdongsan : 

It can be commonly seen in the sunligh trail near by entrance of forest. The small leaves sprout with gathered 5~6

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