Jeju Gotjawal

Kadsura japonica Dunal(Japanese Kadsura) 남오미자

by on Dec.18, 2010, under trees

Characteristic :

The leaf sprouts crossed and has gloss. It is widen or long egg-shaped, oval spear shape. Its length is 5~10cm, the width is about 3~5cm. The leaf has sparse sawtooth like small tooth. There are no hairs both sides of the leaves. The back side of the leaf has small spot that has the color purple inclining to red. The red fruits which diameter is 2~3cm ripen in September to October. The heart shaped seed has lemon yellow color and the length is 3mm.  The flower is dioecism, rarely monoecism. Its stem’s length is 3m, the diameter is 1.5cm. Old stems colored brown , even thick one attains 2cm, split vertically and peel. Its native habitat is Korea. On Mt.Halla in Jeju, it grows up to altitude 1000m, and the other southern sea region, it reseeds below altitude 100m. It also spreads in Japan, China and Taiwan.

Where you can see this species at Dongbaekdongsan :

It can be commonly seen in the sunlight trail near by entrance of forest, rarely seen small ones inside the forest.

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