Jeju Gotjawal

Machilus thunbergii S. et Z. 후박나무

by on Dec.18, 2010, under trees

Form : evergreen broad leaved shrub
Characteristic : The leaves are out of line but, look like join together gathering on the edge of the branches. The leaf has a bilateral symmetry vein, centered around the principal axis and is obovate-oval shape. Its height is 7~15cm and the width is 3~7cm. It lengthens like a tail and is gradually sharper. It doesn’t have the teeth and hair. The bud that grows in spring is colored red like fall foliage. The fruit is bacca and ripens in purple-black in July to september of the next year. Its diameter is 1.4cm and round. The blossom forms conical catkin which has no hair on May to June when a new leaf comes. It comes out between a footstalk and a stem. The bark is greenish brown but, the old tree’s bark chips off like squamas and appears light gray spots. The young one is green, a little red, and has oval skin bud as it grows. The tap root is unusual than brace root. Place of origin is Korea but also distributes in China, Japan, and the Philippines

Where you can see this species at Dongbaekdongsan :
 In Donbaekdongsan, they can be observes around the entrance of  Retreat center of Eden  or on the esplanade to go the pastures.

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