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Red-tongue pit Viper (Gloydius ussuriensis) 쇠살모사

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Characteristics : Its body length is usually about 40~60cm. The trunk is thicker than other snakes of same size. Its body color is mainly red and orange or dark brown. Its head is a triangle shape and there is a thin white line on the upper part of eyes. Color of a lingua is red and end of its tale is red or similar to its body color. On its body, it has a stripe or disk shape and strong mastodon bones.

Ecology : Mostly they are found in many places such as farmland, marsh, low mountain and forest. In spring and autumn, we can observe them during daytime mostly, but in summer, they are active at night. They usually mate between July and September. They store eggs in salpinx without fertilization, then they produce babies(not eggs) in August and September after a pregnancy period about 60 days in the following year after the copulation. And they usually eat frogs, centipedes, lizards, other snakes, rodents and so on.

Where you can see this species : They can be found in pond, wet land, woods and other places, especially around Meonmulkkak. When tree frogs lay eggs, we can find them ambushing for preying on tree frogs.

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