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White-striped grass Lizard (Takydromus wolteri) 줄장지뱀

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Characteristics : Its mouth is sharp and its color is olive. It got its name because it has a clear white line on its body, from end of the head to its trunk. Its tail is much longer than its trunk, and it has one hole on each thigh.

Ecology : It usually comes out of hibernation, starting from April, and call into activity. On about May the mating season begins ,and they start to lay eggs from June to July  and August. It discovers generally a sunbath at a sunny place in the daytime and tends to hide in a thicket or a den where they can hide their body as people or predator appear before them. In the second ten days of october, Most of individuals find a den of the ground and begin hibernation. It lays in a thicket of meadow, the ground or a crack of stone and has a habit buried for soil under 1cm. It usually lays about 4~5 spawns and the color is white. It mainly eats small ground insects like spiders and crickets.

Where you can see this species at Dongbaekdongsan : You can’t see it in the forest but in bushes, at grasslands, and on small trees.

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