Jeju Gotjawal

Jeju Salamander (Hynobius quelpartensis) 제주도롱뇽

by on Aug.23, 2010, under amphibian


Characteristics : There are many dark brown spots on its brown body. Especially spots from the back of its eyes to its back are clear. Small black dots on the head and the end of tail are very dense. The size of adult male is about 6cm, and female is 6.3cm.


Ecology : It’s hardly seen around water except during egg-laying. It hides itself under a rock or an withered tree in the day, but at night it moves around seeking for food. It lays its eggs in March or April, but if the weather is warm, it does even in January or February. Its banana-shaped egg-sac is attached on the bottom of a rock or fallen leaves. Each egg-sac has 30~70 eggs inside. In the larval stage when it only lives in water, it respires through its gill. When it grows to be an adult, the gill atrophies.


Where you can see this species at Dongbaekdongsan : At ponds, wetlands, under rotten trees or a wet rock. You can see plenty of spawns at ‘Meonmulkkak’ and other wetlands around it in spring.

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