Jeju Gotjawal

Varied Tit (Parus varius) 곤줄박이

by on Aug.11, 2010, under birds

Characteristics : The whole length of its body is 14cm or so. Its forehead and cheek are light brownish white. Its head and the bottom of chin are black, the back of head is tinged with white. The wings are dark gray and the lower part of body is brown.

Ecology : It usually lives in the forests such as leave-broadleaf forests, mixed forests and copses etc. It has a habit of pecking trees with its beak like a woodpecker and  makes nests in the tree holes or between the rocks and woodpecker’s old nests. It moves in branches and preys on spiders or the insect species or the seeds of plant.

Where you can see this species at Dongbaekdongsan : In Jeju, it is a resident bird, it is ordinarily watched in woody place. In Camellia garden, we can usually watch in the edge of evergreen-broadleaf forest and a place which mixed with Japanese black pine forest and evergreen-broadleaf forest.

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