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Great Tit (Parus major) 박새

by on Aug.11, 2010, under birds

Characteristics : The whole size is about 14cm. The head, bottom of joint, and neck is black and there is black vertical lines in the center of abdomen from neck to tail. The male one has wider lines than the female one has. The back of neck and cheek is white, the front side is tinged with blue-gray, and the front back is greenish yellow. The flank is pale gray and tinged with thin greenish yellow. The bill is black and the leg is black with gray.

Ecology : They live in the place with a bunch of trees such as  the city, park, deciduous broad-leaved forest, and mixed forest. They usually live in the top of the tree, hole in the tree, between the rock, the crack of the building, and man-made nest. Also, they usually eat insects and in Winter they eat seeds, and fruits.

Where you can see this species at Dongbaekdongsan : They are permanent birds in Jeju island. They are easily observed near the city, park, and forests. In Camellia Hill they are found in inside of the forest, the edge of the forest, and pasture. Also because they call “찌쮸, 쯔르르”, we can find them easily.

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