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Cyptotrama asprata (등색가시비녀버섯)

by on Aug.12, 2010, under mushrooms

Edibility : Edible Unknown

Time and place of occurrence : Summer ~ the tree which in the fall the forest inside broad-leafed tree fell down (the branch)

Features : The diameter of cap is 1 to 3cm. When immature The hemisphere shape polyvalence will become flat initially little by little and, shape becomes. The color of the cap is orange. The surfaces have rementum, Its surface is attached with rementum like fluffes and the color on the surface is orange. Is and spreads because of ostensible feeling of the mushroom is rough. The edge than the wrinkles is overhang newly more. The mushroom is the white flesh. The wrinkles end is the elder brother who stuck or the elder brother who stuck completely. The thickness of a mushroom stem is about 2~4mm, and its length is about 1.5~5cm. The vicinity of the righteousness root is baggy, the surface [teph] is a tongue in scale piece. The mushroom unit term probably old color yellow color or is. The size of spore is 7~8×5~6µm. The shape happened like the lemon. This mushroom occurs from above the lumber, disjoints the lumber.

The place you can see in Dongbaek Garden : With walkway circumference there is in a near forest, to rot there is a possibility of observing the fact that grows from the tree.

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