Jeju Gotjawal

Hericium erinaceum (노루궁뎅이버섯)

by on Aug.12, 2010, under mushrooms

Edibility : Edible

Time & Place of occurrence : generated in summer~autumn, at stem of Serrata Oak, Daimyo Oak, etc.

Features : The diameter of cap is about 5~20cm. The shape is the sphere or the egg shape. The upper side of it grows hair, and the side, the back have many drooped thorns. The thorns’ length is 1~5cm, thickness is 1mm. It is sharp. The vertically cut mushroom’s top is a lump of flesh which has many hole and bottom has group of thorns. That thorns’ color is first white and become yellow or light red-brown after. The tissue of thorn is soft. The surface of thorn develop hymenium and has spores shaped like a ball. The spore’s pattern is white and it’s surface has minute bump. Lion’s mane mushroom is wood-rotting fungi. Also when this mushroom become dry, it change like a sponge and absorb water.

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