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Asian Keelback Snake (Amphiesma vibakari ruthveni) 대륙유혈목이

by on Jul.26, 2010, under reptile


Characteristics  :  Its back is reddish brown or dark grayish brown, and the color is light at the rear. 5 lines of scales on its head and center of its back are dark brown. It has mastodon bones on its body and black spots at the end of each scale on its belly. This species in Korea is very small, about 40 to 70cm and usually around 50cm in length. It is not a poisonous snake, and is mild in temper.

 Ecology  :  This snake is active in the evening or when it isn’t sunny or clear. It swims well but it is more easily affected by dryness and cold than other reptiles in the same place are. It lays 2 to 10 eggs or so in July and August, and goes into hibernation. From May of the following year, it becomes active again. It usually lives on small frogs or worms.

 Where you can see this species at Dongbaekdongsan  :  It is observed at a pond, around the swampy land and the forest.


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