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Date : 2011/04/16

There were eggs of JEJU  salamander. They can be easily discovered around rocks because salamanders lay eggs on the rocks.

When we visited, the eggs were a little dry.

It was a big wetland, but it dried out because it hadn’t been raining for a while.


There are dungs of Mandarine ducks. A lot of them were discovered especially in this year.


It grows in island. The stems grow longer and the branches have brown scaly hair. Leaves are oval shaped, narrow and long. The edge of leaves is wave-shaped.

Eurya japonica

Eurya japonica is usually 2~3m tall. The leaves are ovoid, and the front of  leaves is polished.  The edge of the leaf  is sow-toothed.

The flowers are white and they have unique scent. The flowers’ structures of  this tree are similar to the structures of Camellia  flowers.

Its height is 15~20cm. The flowers have bilateral symmetry. Its petals are divided into 5pieces.

It has hairy white petals with purple lines.
Characteristic : Its height is 5 ~ 20cm. The white flowers bloom from April to May and each runs on flower stalks. The leaf is egg-shaped and its length is 1.5 ~ 2.5cm. The edge is saw-toothed. The petiole of the leaf from the root is 2 to 4 times longer than that of the upper leaf. The fruit is long oval shaped and is divided into 3. The petal is 8 ~ 10mm. As perennials, its origin is South Korea. It inhabits the mountains of the wetland.

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Date : 2011/6/18




There were many mushrooms because it was humid.

The water has become deeper and it was

raining. The eggs which was seen last time became tadpoles.


We caught a frog ,called ‘Black - spotted  pond frog’. Find the frog!! haha:)

In Meonmulggak, Watershield plants(순채)  has grown more than the last time.

Watershield plants(순채) is one of the endangered plant species which inhabits Gotjawal.

We found ‘indian strawberry(뱀딸기).

At first, we thought it was raspberry, but it was bigger than raspberry.

Lots of people think that it is poisonous because of its nasty appearance. So they think they must not eat it. Actually it’s not true. It is okay to eat and we ate it.

Almost every strawberry tastes sweetandsour , but it is not as delicious as raspberry.

It contains much water so we can’t taste any flavor.

Indian strawberry’s Korean name is ‘snake strawberry’. In fact, the place where it lives is good habitat for snakes.




We found the slough of a snake .It was floating on Meonmulggak, the pond of Gotjawjal. We took it from, unfolded the slough and observed together. We can know that this snake is ‘tiger keelback snake(유혈목이)’ by seeing the slough.

Date : 2011/07/30

It’s Meonmulggak in July. The watershield plant has grown more than last month.



Stagbeetles (Prospocoilus astacoides blanchardi)

Black-spotted pond frog

It lives near a pond or a swamp. It has vertical stripes along its back from its tip of the mouth to the anus.

Full grown-up Balck-spotted pond frog is about 6-9cm long, and female frog is bigger than the male one.


People took out letters from the board T_T

Brown-eared Bulbul

In Gotjawal, it is often found in the edge part and near the pasture in the forest.

It is 28cm long. Its head and back are bluish grey and it has brown spots around the eyes.



<Pictures of Dongbaekdongsan>

Date : 2012/ 03/ 24


There are many eggs of Jeju salamander.

We picked up some of them and took a picture.

Soonchae(watershield plant ) was floating on the water surface.


Date : 2012/ 05/ 12

This is a picture of Meonmulkkak in May.

A lot of Soonchae( watershield plant) appeared compared to March.

Can you find any living thing in this picture?

This is Geometrid(measuring worm). It’s a larva of Geometridae.

It pretends to be a branch.


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