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Founded in 2000, celebrates its 11th anniversary this year, Saetbyeol Science Club is a group of students of Shinseong Girls’ Highschool in Jeju, Korea who have interests and talents in science.

Our significant activities are research activities, science camps, science classes.

Let us briefly describes the activities.

First, through research activities, Saetbyeol Science Club do explorations, experiments, and discussions under the theme of Gotzawal, from last year.

Second, in summer science camp in Jeju island, we have programs such as ‘scientific knowledge of the ancestors’ and ‘science in cooking.’

Finally, we have a special program of ‘science in class’ performed first in 2009. For this program, students themselves plan and prepare things to share fun activities based on scientific principles with people who hardly have that experiences.

Through these activities, we learn scientist’s mind and attitude and reach closer to science.

Introduction of activities in 2008 and 2009

a. Main topic research

2008: Studying for the application of plants in Jeju, students percieved the value of the environment in Jeju.

2009: Our science club intends to share our researched datas with other people and

rethink the environmental value of Gotjawal by exploring the Camellia hill. We think that this research is valuable because keeping the Gotjawal and perceiving the value of Gotjawal is meaningful work.

b. Studying and debating.

2008: The topic is ” Consideration of strange weather phenomenon caused by the global warming”. By studying, debating, announcing the topic, students can develop their ability to study, debate, announce. Also they can recognize the global warming newly.

2009: The topic is “The example of utilizing the energy and new thinking of the measure”. By researching, students can find the scientific intelligence of our ancestor and develop their ability to research, debate, and announce.

In 2009, students ran science studying class and developed their creativity.

c. experiencing and visiting program.

By visiting the local university and laboratory, Camping the WiSE research program, Science class, lecture of scientists, students can experience various experience. Also students experience YSC program and astronomical observation.

d. Spreading the scientific culture.

 2008: By the science festival in school, students can promote general students to understand and have interests. By the mentoring program, students can help understand the role of woman scientists and sharing much data about science.

2009: In 2009, students also experienced mentoring program. Also, students performed the Shinseong Science Class targeting the children in isolated areas and developed their ability to volunteer, share, and strengthen the social ethics.

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